CSC Vle ने Panchayat Computer Operator Bharti के विरोध में ज़िलाधिकारी को सौंपा ज्ञापन

csc vle unione dharna pradarshna

CSC Vle submitted a memorandum to the District Magistrate against Panchayat Computer Operator Bharti

CSC Vle panchayat bharti variyta
CSC Vle giving memorandum to District Magistrate Saharanpur

Demand for CSC Vle in Panchayat Recruitment

csc vle unione dharna pradarshna

As you all know that the Uttar Pradesh government has made a provision to have one operator in every gram panchayat. Which will also get 6000 monthly honorarium from the government, while the government is already doing all the same work under the CSC scheme through VLE in every village!

जिसमे मौजूदा वी0एल0ई ने अपनी सारी पूंजी, श्रम व समय दिया है. पहले सरकार ने ही प्रत्येक 6 ग्राम पंचायत पर 1 वी0एल0ई रखने की बत कह योजना आरम्भ किया था, प्रदेश के हजरो युवा उसमे अपना भविष्य देख जन सेवा केंद्र खोले, फिर सरकार ने योजना मे बदलाव कर प्रत्येक ग्राम मे एक वी0एल0ई रखने की बात कही और प्रत्येक ग्राम एक वी0एल0ई रखे गये, पुनः सरकार जागृत हुई और कोई कही भी कितना भी सी0एस0सी खोल ले ऐसा व्यवस्था कर दिया

Meaning every time the employment / livelihood of the present VLE was treated unfairly and with the future of his family and children! And now after this Panchayat recruitment, the problem of livelihood and running of the family is likely to arise in front of the youth who are already working as VLEs in the village from the public service center that will be opened in each Gram Panchayat! Regarding which, after giving a memorandum to the Vle District Magistrate across the state, along with writing a letter to recognize his point in front of the Honorable Chief Minister, he is also leaving for Lucknow!

CSC Vle writing a letter to recognize his point in front of the Honorable Chief Minister

Vle brother leaving for Lucknow to make the Chief Minister aware of his problems

csc vle panchayat computer bharti

vle organizations prepare to go to court

In order to solve the current crisis on VLE’s employment, all the VLE organizations  are preparing to go to court after meeting the Chief Minister and presenting their side. The MP and MLA of the district are also being made aware of the problem of VLE by handing over their demand letter.

csc vle computer operator bharti panchayat

Current status of VLE movement


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